3 eMarketing Tips to Whet Appetites & Grow Business

Marketing, like it or not, is the tool that can make or break your business’ growth. If your marketing strategy is undefined, unorganized or unengaging for your audience, then you’re likely missing out on great opportunities to connect with qualified prospects. On the other hand, if you’re bombarding customers with emails, tweets, retweets, Facebook updates and other marketing messages 10 times a day with no clear rhyme or reason, you might also be losing followers by overstepping your boundaries.

The key to clarifying messages is balance.

Here are three tips for improving search engine marketing and getting prospects to sit up and listen without under or overwhelming:

1. Tell them who you are.

Many business owners try as they might, struggle with writing content about their business in an interesting way. How do you begin? Start small. Begin with the passion behind your brand.

•    What’s the back-story to your business?
•    Where did the name come from? How long have you been around?
•    What anecdote can you provide that resonates with your audience?

The goal here is greeting your prospect with a warm smile and a ‘good to meet you’ handshake and a little bit about yourself and your brand. Have this section on a visible part of your homepage, near the top.

2. Tell them how it’s done.

The next step is distinction. Now that your prospect knows who you are and why you do what you do, tell them about your process.

•    What sets you apart from your competitor?
•    What steps do you take to ensure each customer experience is top-notch?
•    What does your team look like and what are their unique roles in the process?

Prospects enjoy seeing the mechanism behind the big picture, especially if it helps them grow their business.

3. Tell them what to expect.

You brand promise is your word—don’t over-exaggerate it. In fact, you can add more legitimacy by letting others say it for you. Invest time in conducting a 10-minute phone call with 3-5 satisfied customers and ask them to reveal answer these questions, then feature a different quote each month on your site’s homepage.

•    In one sentence, how would you describe the quality of service you received?
•    What was unique about our product/service?
    Why did you choose us over a competitor?
•    What improvement(s) have you experienced since using our product/service?

Don’t have the time to implement these eMarketing strategies? We can help. Whether you’re located in Appleton, Menasha, Chicago, or Milwaukee, our Autumn Consulting team can offer eMarketing strategies on engaging customers and qualifying prospects. We are a Milwaukee web marketing agency that can help grow your business through sound marketing, business and sales strategies. Contact us today to get started.

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