How to Dramatically Increase Web Marketing Leads for Business in Milwaukee and Chicago

Lead generation is a key element in web marketing for our clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. Growing your customer base can be a huge differentiator between keeping your business where it is and taking it to the next level.

For some entrepreneurs and companies just starting out, it can be difficult to know where to start or which industry to break out into. Later on, when you’ve developed a steady loyal customer base, it can be tempting to focus only on that loyalty instead of vetting new customer landscapes.

At Autumn, we deliver lead generation services that can either further qualify your existing sales leads or capture the attention of new potential audiences. Regardless of your goals, we will work with you every step of the way. Here is some insight into how we approach lead generation for our clients:

1. Know Your Customers (and your Competition!)

Lead generation often begins small, with web-based research. When you are certain of expanding into a particular industry or if you are sure which customers are making the purchasing decisions, then you may be ready to invest in attending trade shows or making customer visits. No matter your comfort level, Autumn can help your company get the most out of its investment.  Some ideas for starting your lead research include:

  • research on LinkedIn
  • engage your current customers via social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • register for a trade show in your industry

2. Use Email Marketing to Analyze Data and Qualify Your Leads

Another component of web marketing for companies in Milwaukee and Chicago is email marketing. Not only are email newsletters a way to fortify your brand image and further engage your existing customers – it is an excellent way of gaining insights on the level of interest of your new prospects.

Autumn uses a proprietary email newsletter tool that tracks your contacts’ interaction with the email messages you send. Using this data, you can know:

  • who read the email
  • who clicked on which links
  • if anyone forward the email to a colleague

This behavior can say a lot about a person. Not to mention, that with the right kind of customer data, you can develop targeted email messages to the right people, then gauge the interest of your customers by job title, industry, region, etc.

3. Use Web Marketing Analytics to Track Your Progress

While your newsletters will allow you to directly share your message with a larger audience, you have an opportunity to really inform your customers by linking them back to your website. The extent to which they are familiar with your website, your message, your brand, and your product line will ultimately reveal itself in traffic to the site.

Using Autumn as a B2B full service marketing firm, we can track your growing web traffic and help you better understand the content that is most attractive to your visitors. This data will inform decisions about your marketing message, about who to focus on, and where to invest your time and money.

Dealing with web analytics data can be like learning a new language. Fortunately for our clients, we’ve sifted through this kind data for years and our insights have shown to increase both web traffic and sales for our clients.

For our business-to-business clients, web marketing tools often seem like they are catered to other kinds of businesses, but that is not the case. Autumn uses techniques that are proven to deliver web marketing results in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. If growing your customer base is an attractive goal for your business in 2015, be sure to contact us today.

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