Key trends for B2B marketing in Milwaukee and Chicago

At Autumn Consulting, we know how important it is to stay aware of trends in the marketing industry. Business strategies and trends are always changing and molding, and that is why it is important to identify what is important for a company’s success and how to capitalize on it. As a full service marketing agency it is our job to make sure that the B2B marketing needs for our clients in Milwaukee and Chicago area are provided with great outcomes. Here are some of the key trends in B2B marketing right now:


1.) Personal Experience

          With web marketing continuing to grow, it is important that the way people access your digital information is very user friendly. Sometimes the perception is in B2B marketing digital information does not have to be as appealing and that one is dealing with clients and not customers. This also translates to social media marketing as well too, as the appeal to the customers is very important here as well. In B2B marketing all platforms that presented should have the same appeal as in B2C marketing. A key characteristic of this is keeping the emotional appeal with social media versus being very information oriented.


2.) Collaborative Sales and Marketing teams (“Smarketing”)

At Autumn Consulting we already believe in the importance in sitting down with the sales team and directors of the company and making sure the message is clear across all mediums, which is important to maximize the value of potential and current customers. This also helps to strengthen the message that a company is striving to present.  Along with this, when the sales force is reiterating what is on social media platforms already or what the keywords searched that take them to their company’s website this helps establish that much more credibility towards the customers.


3.) Sharable Content Marketing

With the growth of content marketing, a key trend with B2B marketing is creating sharable content. In the B2B industry there is usually a more complicated process or longer cycles for the product or service that when presented to the customers or clients can be information heavy and unexciting. Having sharable content such as a video, newsletter or info graphic that is presented in an exciting way will go a long way with customers and keep them in tune and compelled with your company.



Through Autumn Consulting’s collaborative style, we help our B2B clients increase their qualified prospects by zeroing in on the “right” marketing messages.  These marketing messages directly support the sales force and increases their effectiveness.  Let’s get started on a conversation for your business.  Call Nathan Misirian at (262) 323-1776 or email him directly at

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