Google Bard: What Is It And How Does It Work?

AI is a lot like Monday morning — you just can’t get away from it. And with thousands of new articles published every day, you’re no doubt (unconsciously) familiar with some of the most common names on the market: ChatGPT, OpenAI, and even Google Bard.

But what exactly is Google Bard, you ask? And how does it actually work?

We’re glad you asked!

Let’s dive into everything you should know about Google Bard, starting with a brief definition.

What Is Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI chatbot designed to write text, answer questions, and translate languages for users. Primarily developed to challenge other AI models, Bard is essentially Google’s showcase of what AI can and may do in the future.

Interested in the technical elements? Here are the sparknotes:

  • Run by PaLM 2, which is Google’s proprietary language learning model.
  • Trained on 1.56 million words of web text, including some public dialogue data.
  • Built on Transformer, which is a powerful neural network architecture used by a few other AI models.

Check out this chart with additional technical details about Google Bard:

How Does Google Bard Work?

Google Bard is a large language model (LLM), meaning it’s trained to emulate content based on millions of different data points. Developers feed text, code, and various content to the machine so it can answer incoming questions with responses aggregated from the dataset.

Here’s what makes Google Bard different from other AI models:

  • Google Bard is connected to the internet (unlike ChatGPT).
  • Google Bard isn’t available worldwide (180 countries only).
  • Google Bard is based on Google’s proprietary language model (which sets it apart from ChatGPT and Bing Chat)

You can access Google Bard by visiting its landing page at any time. If you live in the US or one of 180 supported countries, you just need to sign in with your Google account to get started.

Can I Use Google Bard For Business?

Business owners are already using Google Bard to get more work done. While it’s not a replacement to human creativity or a silver bullet for completing certain complex tasks, you can certainly use it to supercharge your efforts and upgrade your speed with a helping hand.

For example, you can ask Google Bard to:

  • Summarize articles and live URLs so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • Look up sources for specific information, including statistics, references, and quotes.
  • Generate ideas for given prompts, like ‘how can I find a good Google search marketing firm?’

What Else Is There To Learn About AI?

AI models and iterations seem to be all over the news. But with so much unhelpful ‘noise’ online, how can you learn more about Bard and other AI models?

The expert team at Autumn Consulting would be more than happy to help. In addition to our AI resources for small business owners, we also provide personalized consultations regarding your company’s marketing, SEO, and website design.

If you’re interested in moving your business forward with our helpful tools and guidance, you can get in touch with the Autumn team at (813) 618-7554.

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