Autumn Makes Social Media Marketing Easy in Chicago

It’s 2015 and this means that, whether you’re in Milwaukee or Chicago, more business is done online than ever before – that includes social media marketing. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasing their visibility online and they’re finding it is less of a chore – and less of an investment – that they originally thought.

Our b2b marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago find that Autumn is the ideal social media agency for them because we are experienced and we value sharing our learning experiences with our clients. We learn from our clients about their industry nuances and we work together to develop a social media marketing strategy that really makes a difference.

What other companies have you worked with in the past?

Autumn Consulting typically works for privately held b2b marketing businesses in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, which include ownership by families, investors and private equity groups. Many of our clients are second-generation owners. While we are respectful and protect the privacy of our clients, it may be helpful to add that our clients cover industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, software, industrial, food and beverage, consumer goods and oil & gas.


What is your scope of work on social media marketing projects?

Our firm can provide a full service social media marketing agency experience for clients in both Milwaukee and Chicago areas. Upon approval, we will work with you to develop strategy, then execute and measure on your behalf. We can setup tools and user access accounts, and even provide social media marketing training, as needed.

We write content, can design custom graphics, and provide the project management and recommendations back to our clients for continuous improvement.

How quickly can we get started with Social Media Marketing and when can we see results?

As with any b2b marketing initiative, our team timeline and results are primarily based on the well-defined strategy we develop with our Chicago or Milwaukee client (e.g. engagement, brand loyalty, customer service, etc.). From there, we will work with you to define specific goals/metrics such as increasing number of followers (Facebook), developing a series of end customer “favorites” and “retweets” (Twitter), integrating use of videos in sales presentations (YouTube) or frequency of comments or inquires (Linked In).

Talking with our team is the first step, so let us know how we can find social media marketing solutions for Milwaukee or Chicago based company.

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