Making Sales out of Chicago B2B Marketing Leads

Having been in the marketing world a while, our B2B marketing clients in Chicago often need to know how our marketing leads will turn into sales numbers. Just like any investment in time or money, we need to know what the return on that investment will be. At Autumn, we value accountability and it is our goal to cultivate your marketing leads into a sale.

There are four elements of qualifying a marketing lead that every B2B marketing client should know. Not only that, but in order to make that sale, you should always ensure that both parties (buyer and seller) can clearly explain the facts for each element:

  • Benefits & Qualifications
  • Feasability & Budget
  • Decision-Maker(s)
  • Competition

Benefits & Qualifications

Does your customer know why they should choose you and why you are an expert in the industry? For B2B marketing in Chicago, your audience wants to rely on your expertise, so make sure they know it. Consider challenging your sales staff to ensure their Chicago marketing leads know the answers to these questions:

  • Why is this product ideal for me and my company?
  • Why is your company an expert in the industry?
  • What makes you someone whose advice is worth taking?
  • What about your process or method is enticing to me?

Feasability & Budget

Does your Chicago marketing lead know when and how a final purchasing decision is going to be made? Are you familiar enough with the budgeting cycle of your customer? Depending on the product and the investment, a purchasing decision could be several years in the making. For B2B marketing clients in Chicago, it is not uncommon for a purchasing decision to take a while or to require budgetary review. This can be a challenge when developing your sales funnel. For those larger ticket items, consider assisting your customers with these financing alternatives:

  • Installment packages
  • Is there a federal or regional grant available for this product/industry?
  • Structure your product line into “enhancements” where they can buy large ticket items in smaller doses.


Are you negotiating sales to the wrong person? In addition to knowing how and when a purchasing decision will be made, our B2B marketing clients in Chicago need to know who will be making the final decision. When we help determine the right decision making contacts, Autumn will help qualify those marketing leads through email marketing and other tools to ensure those decision-makers are paying attention.


At Autumn, we encourage our clients to embrace their competition – not be discouraged by it. Whether our focus is in brand consulting, web analytics, or marketing leads consulting – our Chicago B2B marketing clients value our outsider’s perspective. Often, our “fresh set of eyes” will help identify a new unique selling potential for our clients.

We use our industry expertise to enhance those characteristics that make you stand out against the competition. Only when you and your customers clearly understand what makes you stand out, will you ensure their purchase and their loyalty to your brand.

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