Autumn Reveals Email Marketing Secrets for Success

Imagine in your inbox the subject line that reads: “Secrets Revealed for Apple’s Oct 16th Product Release.” Whether you love Apple – or, if you simply like seeing “what’s new” in the tech world – everyone loves getting a hold of “secrets”.

Autumn Consulting has been serving clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas for over 15 years and, today, we’re revealing our B2B marketing secrets for email marketing success. When you plan your next email marketing campaign, consider these quick wins for your messaging:

Secret #1: Using a concise, timely and urgent subject line can increase your email marketing open rate by 40%.

Here are some tips for a great subject line:

  • Be unexpected, but on topic (“What were you doing 40 years ago today?”)
  • Use flattery when appropriate (“Cheers! Thank you to 40 years of patronage”)
  • Use results and data-oriented language (“40 years later and 150,000 units sold”)

Companies send out many different styles of email campaigns, but the best B2B full service marketing firms put a lot of energy into getting the subject line right. Different types of emails include plain emails sent from Outlook, stylized emails sent from off-the-shelf web tools or highly personalized, brand-related emails. Whatever the subject matter you have on the inside of your message, it matters little if you haven’t communicated the value of your message in the subject line.

Secret #2: More people will read your branded email design than a plain text email.

The answer is quite simple. People read the more stylized email because it clearly represents your brand and shows thoughtful communication. So, try to avoid cutting corners just to be quick and fast.

Everyone gets a lot of email. So carefully consider what will make your email campaign stand out. What makes your email campaign stands out may also be what sets you apart from your competitor and what makes your customers remember you when they’re in need of your product or service. For reliable B2B marketing in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, consider what sets you apart – you might be surprised by how inspired you are to share it with your network.

Secret #3: Write a distinct more valuable message.

Before writing any email campaign ask yourself, what makes this email unique in the mind of the reader? Offer your audience what they value the most. For example, it could be short tips and tricks to make their work more effective or it could be providing product review to save them time and money.

As a B2B full-service marketing firm, we apply our marketing experience to ensure your company succeeds. Remember to use these email secrets to effective marketing:

  • What subject line will draw my customers in?
  • How can we better personalize our marketing message?
  • What does my audience consider as valuable messaging?

Let us know how we can support your growing business today!

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