Boost Your Google Ranking through Cross-Linking

Qualifying prospects online works when you make it easy for them to find your site. Google rankings determine who can get to potential customers first: you or your competition.

Having your website show up on the first page of Google results when prospects search for related keywords requires a good search engine optimization strategy. In order to boost organic search rankings and qualify prospects online, it is important to show Google which keywords are important to you.

Cross-linking means that you turn keywords on your website into hyperlinks and make it easy for readers to find more elaborate content on a given topic.

Through cross-linking, you can

  • increase visits on content pages within your website by making it easy to find them
  • clarify messages by helping your site’s visitors navigate through content
  • show Google which keywords are most important to you
  • increase your site’s Google rankings in relevant searches

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that can help with qualifying prospects, engaging customers, and clarifying messages in order to assist your business growth.  We specialize in organic search marketing and can show you how to claim your spot in Google’s top results.

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