Part 1: How Can Social Media Benefit My Business?

Many people today eat, breathe and live social media. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise since, according to a New York Times article, the average American spends about 8.5 hours daily in front of a screen (e.g., mobile device, computer, tablet, television, g.p.s.) with social media attached to most of these outlets.

And with our daily leaps in technology, the tools and advantages of social media are growing by the minute. Add to this a recent AdAge digital quote stating that using social media can help double the rate of growing your business, increasing revenue and creating jobs. The natural question a business owner would pose now is, ‘How can social media help benefit my business?’

Here are some helpful social media marketing suggestions from the Autumn Consulting team:

1. Create Community Interest. Using social media effectively means engaging your customers with helpful content they can use. Whether it’s a blog posting, a tweet or a Linked In update, make sure that you’re putting information out there that people care about, can use and will want to pass on.

2. Build Your Network. Social media sites today work a lot like a virtual handshake. If you see people with the same business interests as you, add them to your network or retweet them.You can also utilize search tools to look up past colleagues, managers or business partners and write a recommendation. Building on your interests and experience could lead to qualifying prospects that you may have otherwise not had access to.

3. Expand Business Marketing. Clarifying marketing messages is usually the top suggestion we have for our clients. Why? Because people want to clearly understand what your business is, who you are, why you are a better pick than your competitor and what benefits you can offer them. Social media helps propel and spread your message further, granting you more exposure.

Enjoyed this post? Stay tuned for ‘Part 2: What Social Media Tools Work Best for Growing My Business?’

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing. Our team doesn’t just scratch the surface, we ask clarifying questions to understand and communicate your company’s unique value, whether to a niche or mainstream market audience. Get more details on our experienced marketing staff, plus a full list of our web marketing services.

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