Engaging Customers by Pinpointing Their Pain

With all of the media messages bombarding customers daily, staying top-of-mind can feel like an impossible task.  But do some digging and you’ll quickly learn that engaging your customers starts with one little word: PAIN.

What is their pain or problem? Discovering your customers’ pain is key to helping them find a solution to their problem.

Most people scouring the Internet aren’t just killing time; they’re using various search engines to find answers for a problem or question.

With this in mind, consider these following tips for creating web marketing content that not only engages your customers, but also helps address and find solutions to their ‘pain’ in a unique way:

1.  Communication.  Customers are looking for a two-way conversation when it comes to problem-solving. Translation: Don’t clutter your content with language that screams ‘Buy our products/services!’ Instead, provide thoughtful tips, news and illustrations that reveal to customers that you want to help them find solutions.

2.  Illustration.  Providing helpful illustrations or case studies of past successes helps readers see where you fit into their pain and how you can help. Website content, news releases, short ‘How to…’ blog posts, e-Newsletters and Twitter updates can all feature these short, helpful illustrations. This builds your credibility in being able to help solve their problem.

3.  Education.  If your audience is surfing the Internet to find answers to their questions and problems, then you should create content on your site that provides answers. Go through each page of your website and consider adding 1-2 tips that demonstrate your unique method for solving problems. Chances are if they learn something from you once, they’ll want to come back for more.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee Web Marketing Agency that specializes in email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google AdWords, social media marketing, web design, and video marketing. Our team would be happy to help you grow you business by helping your site relevantly connect with the right customers and prospects.

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