Creating and Maintaining an Effective Twitter Hashtag Strategy

Using hashtags in tweets is a fun way to categorize your tweets and make them accessible to qualified prospects throughout the entire Twitter network. However, hashtags have the ability to backfire. Other users on Twitter can use those same hashtags for purposes that contradict the meanings of your intended marketing messages. 

McDonalds’ recent use of the hashtag “#McDStories” in their Twitter campaign failed when it started trending with other Twitter users for the wrong reasons. Twitter users were using the hashtag “#McDStories” to describe horrible experiences with McDonalds. McDonalds found it difficult to respond to this incident and, unfortunately for them, hashtags can’t stop trending on command. However, hashtags, when used effectively, can be extremely valuable to a company’s twitter and web marketing success through introducing unknown prospects to your marketing messages.

So how can you avert potential disaster when using hashtags? A recent article provides 9 ways to make your Twitter hashtag strategy effective and keep it under your control. Here, we list what we feel are their top 5 strategies to follow:

1. Figure out why you’re using hashtags
2. Be upfront about the risk
3. Determine what kind of hashtag makes sense for your goals
4. Be true to your brand
5. Have your crisis plan ready

Are you ready to start clarifying messages through twitter hashtags? Autumn Consulting can help you take advantage of this popular social media trend and make it an effective part of your web marketing strategy. Our team of experts specializing in web marketing and social media trends will help you get the most out of your Tweets. Contact us today to get started.

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