From Pinto to Cadillac: How To Rebrand a Successful Business Website

Spend a day in Joe Schmitz’s shoes and you’ll quickly realize that time is money. In every sense of the word.

As a financial coach and President/CEO of Cherry Creek Financial Services, Joe and his team make a daily difference in the lives of people across the Midwest. Through sales and training strategies, Cherry Creek empowers credit unions/bank teams by:

•    Increasing revenue to the bottom line with Presidents/CEOs
•    Using simple conversations to build relationships with Loan Officers.
•    Providing top-quality products to bring peace of mind with Borrowers.

“Our goal for every client is building trust,” says Joe, adding, “we believe that every relationship, whether with an employee, a co-worker or a consumer, needs to be built on trust.”

So when it came to redoing his company’s “adequate for the time, but nothing special” website, Joe went with a company that he knew he could trust: Autumn Consulting.

When our Autumn team initially came on-board, we knew that working with Cherry Creek was the right fit for our services based on their needs:

•    Looking for a Prospect-Focused Redesign with On-Message Marketing Content

One of the key recommendations that we offer our clients is the importance of having a customer/prospect-focused website. Concentrating on the needs of your target audience really helps you gain notability in a sea of websites that are only interested in promoting their offerings, products and services. Our team took time speaking with the Cherry Creek team, listening to their needs, understanding their goals, interviewing their clients and collaborating on new content that focuses on how to best serve their desired market.

•    Wanting to Redesign Distracting Design and Graphics with a Fresh New Look

When Joe came to us, he expressed interest in a site that would catch people’s attention in a great way. So in order to compliment his expressive personality, we tailored a web design that captures the rich reds in his logo along with customer/prospect focused photography and plenty of clean white space for the text to read easily. We also added some engaging speak-bubbles with Cherry Creek promises to add some extra punch.

•    Looking for a Web Marketing Tool That Targets Unique Audiences

During the process of conducting client interviews, we were hearing responses that lined up perfectly with Cherry Creek’s unique values and mission—we’ve displayed these quotes throughout the site as first-hand testimonials. Then, with creativity in one hand and design in the other, our team created ‘The Cherry Creek Difference,’ a unique value model that visually explains the mission and promises of Cherry Creek, right on the homepage. In essence, the entire site can be used as a marketing tool because each page provides helpful information, product offerings, testimonials and visuals.

“Autumn did a great job of identifying my needs and were very flexible in working on my timeline,” says Joe.

We understand the value of targeted messaging. That’s why we conducted interviews with five CEOs to so we could hear the ‘The Cherry Creek Difference’ and create custom marketing content wrapped into a dynamic design that showcases Cherry Creek at it’s very best.

Looking back on the process, Joe offered some great feedback saying, “This is wonderful, unexpected bonus of effective ideas. I like what I see and think we went from a Pinto to a Cadillac.” Come visit the new Cherry Creek site for yourself.

Is it time to update your current website or revamp your branding strategy? Our team is made up of marketing professionals, writers, journalists, designers and IT specialist. We’re a spirited Milwaukee web marketing agency looking forward to hearing from you about your current business or marketing-related issue. We’ll tailor a unique web marketing plan to help get you moving by clarifying marketing messages.

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