Don't Be Lazy

Social media marketing is exhausting and time-consuming. Since it’s something that is routine and relatively mundane, it often loose the attention of the social media manager which, in turn, leads to uninspired content that fails to engage the audience. Creating new content on a regular basis is important to maintaining your audience. But this requires your commitment to continuously aim to provide outstanding content that appeals to your audience.

How do you do that? 

Don’t post to simply put content out there. Know your target audience and understand what their needs are. Helping prospective customers and clients is your goal as a business. Focusing on new information or tools that will benefit them should drive your content. Each business will have different social media marketing goals; some may aim to post once a week, others may only post once or twice a month. No outside company can dictate to you how often you need to post content. You know your clientele and their needs and that is what should be the deciding factor of your web material and frequency.

Commit to the tools you decide to use. If your business would benefit from a Twitter account, create a great Twitter account. Add your company logo as the profile icon; nobody will trust a “professional” business that can’t even take the time to change the default egg icon to something that represents their business. Answer questions sent to you by anyone, not just clients or followers. If you put yourself out there as a professional, act like one. Social media tools enable direct contact with customers. If you cannot commit to that, it may not be right for your business.

Look at your social media accounts and ask, “Would I read/follow that?” If no, it’s time to switch things up. You probably are not engaging your audience if you are not interested in your own posts. When you’re struggling to find new ways of engaging your audience, check out what your competitors are doing. They might have discovered a new,  fun way of captivating their audience and you can test out their methods.

Autumn Consulting is a web-marketing agency focused on helping our customers grow. If you need help with your social media marketing or web marketing, contact us today! Our team is ready to help.

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