Expanding Web Marketing Internationally with Ro-Flo Compressors

Helping clients expand in new markets is a task the Autumn Consulting team enjoys doing. One of Autumn’s clients, Ro-Flo Compressors, is the leading supplier of rotary van compressors for the oil & gas, biogas, and industrial markets. Autumn Consulting recently helped to expand Ro-Flo Compressor’s brand and marketing with a new Russian language website.

You might be asking yourself the question, how do you plan and deliver a web site in Russian or any other foreign language without having native speakers on staff or at your client’s headquarters? The answer is three-fold:

1) Have a local champion. Ro-Flo Compressor’s Russian distributor/channel partner, Unicmash, strongly supports promoting and selling sliding vane compressors to the oil and gas industry throughout Russia. Unicmash appointed one bi-lingual Russian and English speaker to assist in completing all translation.

2) Have a great process. Autumn Consulting designed a process that incorporated the needs of the Channel Partner and the corporate staff. The process included developing an English-based site map and selective content that would best market the brand and the distributor in Russian. Once the site map and content was selected, through several rounds of electronic collaboration, Autumn was able to assemble the new Russian web site.

3) Have a sales and marketing focus. The Ro-Flo Compressors team understands that great marketing helps qualify prospects and engages customers. By strengthening their international brand image through a Russian-based web site, they can impact their distributor’s sales.

So, what’s the impact of a new Russian web site? Within 30 days of launching the new website the Russian distributor received their first qualified lead. They have also expanded their presence in Russian attracting additional leads/inquiries to their new web site while overall increasing the quality and image of the corporate brand.

Autumn Consulting continues to collaborate with industrial and manufacturing companies who sell nationally and internationally. Through the application of great marketing, maintaining a sales and marketing focus, and using a great process, Autumn consistently increases the marketing and branding for our clients around the world. Let’s get started together on your company’s effort to improve and grow your marketing efforts. Contact us today to get started!

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