Helping W.M. Sprinkman Develop Marketing Strategies in a Growing Industry

Autumn Consulting loves helping our customers address new opportunities in both their core businesses and new industries. The Autumn Team works with W.M. Sprinkman  in that capacity. W.M. Sprinkman designs and manufactures stainless steel processing systems primarily for the dairy, food, and beverage industries. They manufacture tanks, vessels, and the process piping for these systems, handles the installation, and provides maintenance services to a customer base that spans the United States from coast to coast.

The Food & Beverage industries are well known as being steady giants within the U.S. economy. Although innovation helps to keep these industries fresh, it has been a long time since the dairy industry has seen a new product take off like greek yogurt has. Consumers have gravitated in swarms to greek yogurt as a great tasting, healthy alternative to other meal and snack choices. Dairy processing operations need to be redesigned to address this demand and W. M. Sprinkman has been among the leaders in helping companies accomplish that.

On the Beverage side, the demand for craft beers has exploded, with over 2,000 craft breweries now producing their unique beers. W.M.Sprinkman saw an opportunity to become one of the largest U.S.-based suppliers of brew houses and vessels. To accomplish this, they asked Autumn to help get their story to brewers of all sizes across the country.

Autumn developed a strategy based on starting a conversation with these brewers, utilizing an email newsletter and social media site for starters. The response has been nothing short of spectacular, with request for information, quotes for new equipment and orders surpassing all projections. Autumn Consulting came alongside Sprinkman to help them:

Whether a new business or a new market, Autumn can help your business take advantage of these opportunities. We use sound marketing strategy and proven tactics to help your business grow. We invite you to contact us to see how Autumn Consulting can make this happen for you!

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