How RLS Logistics Increased Organic Traffic By 40% With Autumn Consulting

Fine-tuning a sustainable SEO strategy is essential in the supply chain and logistics industry. Long-term strategies are indispensable in today’s competitive market, as they remain one of the few ways to rank higher on Google’s algorithm. Since only 0.63% of people click Google results on the second page, it’s imperative to find ways of boosting website visibility and capturing leads before they reach industry competitors.

This is a familiar concept to the team at Autumn Consulting, a group of Google search marketing professionals with decades of combined experience. Nathan Misirian and his team of SEO analysts have helped hundreds of logistics and transportation companies rank on page one — including the success-driven team behind RLS Logistics.

The Background

RLS Logistics is a 3PL company providing refrigerated and frozen food warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment services. Family-owned and operated in locations across the country, RLS was looking to scale its online visibility and reach the right customers at the right time.

The company decided to review its existing keywords at the beginning of 2022. They selected a list of six ‘golden keywords’ to focus on for the year — which were terms they were already targeting but had not yet completely maximized. Each of these terms appeared on page ten or lower in January 2022, although they offered high monthly volume and a greater potential for organic search traffic from leads.

From there, Autumn Consulting and RLS Logistics determined a big goal: to rank each of the six golden keywords on the second or first page of Google.

These selected golden keywords would be anything but easy to rank. However, Autumn was more than up to the challenge of building RLS’s domain authority. Ranking for difficult keywords is possible with consistent content and technical updates, and as the results clearly show, hard work pays off over time.

The Process

Many Google search marketers fail to acknowledge that SEO is a marathon, and not a sprint. That’s why Autumn Consulting and RLS Logistics developed a strategic plan with a year-long focus.

Together we created a three-step process to rank higher with the golden keywords:

  1. First, we reviewed our selected keywords in the context of RLS’s core business services. We analyzed each keyword to ensure the phrase was applicable to our target audience. Then, we adjusted the frequency, use, and context to meet specific user intent.
  2. Next, we provided technical revisions on the webpages associated with each golden keyword. Our goal was to support Google optimization while elevating the user and avoiding keyword stuffing. Specific examples of these updates included title tags, meta-text, and photo file names, as well as other Google indexing priorities such as slugs and photo sizes.
  3. Finally, we implemented a strategic content strategy to support each keywords’ organic growth. We wanted to naturally incorporate our target keywords in the content created by RLS’s marketing team. Autumn Consulting specifically replaced vague transportation words with pointed freight brokerage or less-than-truckload shipping keywords. From there, we incorporated relevant internal backlinks to appropriate pages when necessary.

While a strategic content goal of two pieces per month was RLS’s marketing goal for several years, Autumn Consulting became deliberate about producing intentional pieces for SEO and website traffic.

The Results

Through a strategic SEO process implemented by the Autumn Consulting team, each of the six golden keywords catapulted RLS Logistics to higher and higher levels of SERP performance. Today, more than half of the golden keywords now rank on page one or two, while the remaining keywords show steady progress and are climbing through the ranks.

Additional metrics between 2021 and 2022 include:

  • 40% increase in organic web traffic
  • 25% increase in website leads
  • 31% increase in marketing deals won

The golden keywords were RLS’s weakest links in January 2022. But with the professional guidance of Autumn Consulting, they became the company’s strongest digital assets.

A Google Search Marketing Firm Designed To Meet The Competition

SEO does not come with a timeline, and ranking online occurs on Google’s time. That said, there are strategic ways to encourage a stronger outcome by leaning into data and implementing best keyword practices. Proudly running the marathon of SEO together since 2021, it’s clear Autumn Consulting and RLS have accomplished goals well beyond initial expectations.

This strategic approach to keyword implementation proves companies like RLS Logistics can compete with competitors on the first page of Google. The results seen here are more than best in class — they also won the 2023 TSMA Trailblazer Award for innovative marketing in the transportation and logistics industry.

If your logistics or transportation company wants a more strategic method of ranking online, you can partner with the professionals at Autumn Consulting for clear guidance, strong advice, and demonstrable outcomes. Give us a call at (813) 618-7554 to discuss available opportunities today.

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