How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Anywhere!

Life keeps you busy and social media content may not remain at the forefront of your marketing strategy. There are tools, however, that you can utilize to help you remain on schedule and consistent with your web content.

  1. Hootsuite. This tool allows you to manage and measure your social media accounts. In addition to this, it also lets you schedule posts and track social media traffic.
  2. Netvibes. More of a general dashboard tool, Netvibes allows you to monitor social media pages and email accounts. It also allows you to observe various social media pages of your clients or competitors.
  3. Bitly. This service is most well-known as a free URL shortening tool. In addition to that, it also offers data. Users also can find real-time analytics and insights about the links they shorten and send-out.
  4. Everypost. One of the most user-friendly platforms to manage all your social media accounts is Everypost. Useful for people who need to post multimedia content on multiple social medias. As a free tool, it’s great for posting content across a broad platform spectrum. It does not, however, include any type of content analytics. 

Depending on what your business needs are, one of these tools may be right for you. If you want more information or assistance creating/managing a social media management tool, contact us today! Autumn Consulting is a web-marketing company with the experience to help your business grow.

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