Overcoming Blogging Distress

Blogging for your business can seem overwhelming. The top complaints about blogging are:

You don’t have enough time
You don’t have any new material
You don’t feel like it’s worth your time

There are ways to combat each of these obstacles, whether they’re real or just due to a stressful environment. 

You don’t have enough time.
Blogging should not require hours upon hours of your time each week/month. If you are attempting to regularly post on a daily (or even a weekly schedule) and finding it hard to make time to create strong, original content, then it may be time to slow down. Whatever your posting schedule is, you want to remain consistent. Commit to it. Some large businesses may be able to pull up multiple posts a week, while other, smaller companies may benefit by posting once a week or every other week. Find out what is realistic for your business.

You don’t have any new material.
Your audience appreciates fresh content. Fresh, captivating content will keep them coming back to read your blog. But if you’re struggling to maintain consistency with your blog, you most likely aren’t producing A+ material. One way to stay on top of content is to have a content calendar. Take some time to plan your blog topics for a month or two, type up some notes if you’re inspired, and continue to add to this document whenever you have an idea. If multiple people contribute to your business’ blog, create a Google document where everyone can share ideas. 

You don’t feel like it’s worth your time.
Having a blog these days often isn’t enough. Unless your website receives a lot of traffic, you really need other platforms on which to share the content you publish. This is where social media sites are great. Summarize the message of your blog post, and share on one of your accounts. Get the information out there! If you don’t have any social media accounts, consider adding one. Google+ is great for any type of business, more so that Twitter or Facebook. Depending on your company, one platform may benefit you more than others. Seeing the traffic that comes out of linking up a social media account gives you tangible evidence that your blog is reaching an audience.

Blogging can be a stressful task, but there are many ways to minimize the challenges you face. While it may take some time to get organized or cut back the amount of blogging you do, the reward is having a consistent schedule you know you can maintain. If you are looking for some help with your blogging or web content, contact us today! The Autumn Consulting team loves helping our clients produce strong, fresh content on a regular basis. 

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