How to Spot Poor Ads: A Marketing Review

In case you didn’t hear, the New York Giants became world champions early last week during a popular program called the Super bowl. “Popular” may be the understatement of the year, as this year’s Super Bowl was watched by 111.3 million people, beating out last year’s Super Bowl to become the most watched television show ever.

Many Americans tuned into the Super Bowl, not to see the epic battle between the Giants and the Patriots, but to see rival companies compete for the most meaningful, funny, and, above all, most memorable advertisements.

How do you make your advertisement and marketing messages stand out and be memorable to a variety of viewers?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, most Super Bowl ads tend to either focus on making viewers laugh or having honest conversations with Americans about their brand. Both of these approaches can have serious downfalls. It’s easy for funny advertisements to become all about the laughs and not about the relevance. Viewers may remember the punch lines of the jokes, but have no idea for whom and why they were delivered. On the flip side, the “honest conversation with America” approach can be a problem if no one in America cares about the brand. These ads are only memorable to a very small amount of people, usually people who work with or for the brand.

Is there any formula for success and can it be adapted for emarketing?

There is no specific formula for advertising success, but all successful advertisements have the following traits in common. They are sincere, smart, entertaining, and, above all, original. Companies can adopt the same traits on the web by implementing them in their marketing messages and strategic emarketing content strategies.

Want to make the elements of your emarketing campaign memorable and effective? Autumn Consulting can help. Our team’s expertise in web-related marketing strategies can help your company provide memorable and effective content for qualifying prospects and engaging customers.

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