Brand M Website Revamp: From ‘Under Construction’ to Clear eMarketing

“We needed help with marketing in general… We were a Tabula Rasa and only marketed through word of mouth.”

Original Website

Permanently Under Construction. That’s how Prem Mansukhani describes his former website.

The Autumn Consulting team recently had the opportunity to work with Prem and his family on the website for their family-owned business, Brand M.

Founded in the 1980’s by the chemist who formulated the first commercially viable high solid inkjet ink, the Brand M team wrestled with specializing in a niche industry—inkjet ink creation and printing solutions—and reaching qualified prospects.

“We needed help with marketing in general–having a message and a way of talking to people. We were a Tabula Rasa and only marketed through word of mouth,” says Prem, who serves as Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Brand M.

Autumn Redesigned Website

The plan was simple: Create a customer-focused website with a new look and keyword-rich marketing content to help qualify prospects and engage with customers. Creating an integrated marketing plan that allowed Brand M to create a symbiotic connection between their website and paper-based marketing was the first step. Next was taking this integrated package and using it to speak with new prospects and build business.

Through a series of interviews and working sessions, the Autumn team worked with Brand M to clarify marketing messages and create a revamped website with customer-focused sections for greater viewer engagement. Examples include:

•    Who We Are explains Brand M’s rich history, which includes expert knowledge of ancient Indian ink creation methods and a unique biographical description of each team member.


•    Solution Center features common ink and printing problems paired with expert observations and the Brand M diagnostic process.


•    Knowledge Base provides a brief and helpful history of hardware manufacturers, inkjet/printing challenges and a listing of compatible equipment systems.


The difference is clear. “I recently had a meeting with a potential new customer who credited the website’s focus on quality and technical expertise as to why they contacted us,” says Prem. “And this potential customer has all the features of the qualified prospects we designed the site to attract,” he adds. Mission accomplished.

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