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Starbucks, Corp. recently acquired Evolution Fresh, Inc., a West Coast juice brand, with hopes of launching a separate retail and in-store concept around juice. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the Seattle-based coffee giant plans “do do with juice what it has done with coffee, by turning a commodity-like product into an experience.”

For companies with plans to add new product lines or services, this idea of branding an item into an experience should be of great importance.

The same article quotes Starbucks channel development president Jeff Hansberry as saying that the company’s growth strategy focuses on innovating with new products, entering new categories, and expanding into new channels of distribution.

How does Starbucks manage to integrate new products from new categories sold at new venues while still being able to create experiences for its customers? It all comes back to the idea of branding.

This is why Autumn Consulting emphasizes three important branding strategies for web marketing and offline marketing campaigns:

  • Qualifying Prospects – what really matters is knowing the common needs that prospects have in your marketplace, whether that’s Milwaukee, Menasha or someplace else. This will help you understand your target audience.
  • Engaging Customers – what problems are you solving for your customers and what will excite them about your product? How are you offering them something they cannot get elsewhere?
  • Clarifying Messages – your message is most effective when it is clearly written, designed, and presented. It is also most effective when it is easy to find; SEO, Google AdWords, social media, and web copy writing are all important distributors of your messages.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency. Our team of professional creatives, copy writers, IT experts, and web strategists can help you promote your brand through results-driven web marketing.

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