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Famous American historian Daniel Boorstin said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” Humor aside, whether in Chicago or Milwaukee, public relations can be a cornerstone part of your B2B marketing strategy. Even if it isn’t, perhaps you have considered approaching media outlets for some additional “Performance Recognition.”

Has your company been caught in the media spotlight recently? Not sure if what you have to share is “newsworthy?” Maybe you have prepared your own press release on a company development or award. Or, maybe this new attention has caught you a little off guard. This week, we’re sharing insights to make sure you’re prepared for any media relations undertaking you have in front of you.

Remember your Audience

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: know what it is your audience is after. The best B2B full service marketing firms know that our clients have likely worked very hard to create a marketing message that speaks to your customers and the reporters and journalists in your media list are doing the same thing. But their customers are a little different:

  • The majority may not know your industry
  • They will likely not be interested in your product/service features
  • They want to know how this announcement will change their lives

7 Tips for Your Media Interview

Let’s say, you’ve got an appointment with a reporter. Your expertise is a valuable thing (that’s why they’re interviewing you!), but remember that their questions will be used to share a compelling news story with their readers. Their story will likely not feature your sales presentation or product specifications.

The next time you approach a media outlet to share news about your organization, remember what it is they’re after:

1. Human Interest. Your reporter will want to know your company’s story and you will need to establish credibility as a business owner. What was your inspiration for developing your product? Where does your professional expertise or experience come from? What are some of your company’s values and goals?

2. New Idea and Common Sense. This is your opportunity to introduce reporters to the unique product or service you provide, but also capture the appeal of your everyday reader. They want to know what makes your product new or groundbreaking in your field. You will also benefit from explaining the solution your new ideas will deliver.

3. Why it works. For clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, this is where your B2B marketing message comes in handy. Compare your solution to an everyday product or image that will allow a journalist’s reader to relate to your message.

4. Local Usage. Emphasize that your product or service is in use to add credibility and provide the journalist with their demographic “angle”. If their readers are local, share local contacts with them. Arrange with clients or customers before hand for their approval to be featured on your behalf. In order to prevent the reporter from cold calling your customer, be sure to volunteer to assist in arranging interviews upon request.

5. Facts. Typically, the reporter will want to vet the details behind every customer reference, every case study, and every claim you make about your product. Be prepared to deliver data to back it up.

6. Objections. A reporter may want to know what are the competing technologies or reasons people say “no”. Be brief, highlight other choices and gently point out shortcomings of 2 or 3 competing solutions. To make the biggest impact in your message, avoid sharing a laundry list of competitor complaints.

7. Remember. This will likely be a non-technical, non-product interview. Their interest in your company is simply to tell a story that is interesting.

Media Relations, In a Nutshell

You have a product or service that is worth sharing with people, but it can be difficult to find the angle that will showcase your company for the general public. Let Autumn be your guide throughout this process. We offer media relation services that will allow you to seek the recognition you deserve.

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