Part 1: Why a Web Marketing Content Calendar is Key for Boosting SEO

When it comes to improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)—moving higher on search engines like Google—you must remember: content is king.

Unfortunately, this marketing truth can fall by the wayside of many business owners, especially when they find themselves competing with companies who offer their same services/products, but through an over-the-top, Goliath-type website with expensive flash technology, every social media platform every created, and the best stock photos that credits can buy.

While some David-sized companies might be tempted to retreat in fear, we’re here to tell you to stand your ground because, as it’s been proven time after time: web marketing content is king.

If you’re thinking of how to refresh your website’s interface, we recommend not starting with design. First work on organizing and updating your content. Our Autumn team enjoys working off of a trusted and true Content Management Calendar, also known as an Editorial Calendar or Marketing Content Calendar. We do it because we understand how it serves 3 important functions:

1. Planning.  Setting aside 1-2 hour each week to think about what new content to feature on your website will reap more benefits than you think. Start with one hour this week and think about how it will help you clarify marketing messages.

2. Updating. Talking about a new topic or trend that would interest customers in your industry, writing about a recent case study success or showcasing an exclusive service/product this month are all ways to create new content. Also think about what recent comments or testimonials you may have received while engaging with your customers.

3. Executing. Coming up with great ideas without implementing them leads to wasted time and energy. By creating a tailored content calendar and sticking to it, you do more than just provide helpful new content for current customers, you improve your method for attracting and qualifying new prospects.

Next week, we’ll cover Part 2 of this series, focusing on ‘Tips for Creating a Marketing Content Calendar That’s Tailored for SEO Success’.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency. Our staff’s expertise around search engine marketing, web marketing content, social media marketing, and many other web-related marketing strategies can help your company grow business through sound, internet-driven, marketing recommendations.

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