Six Ways To Maintain Your SEO Investment

Search engine optimization is not a one-and-done process. You must be willing to invest a substantial amount of time to keep your website performant, including the implementation of regular publications, continuous keyword research, and monthly content updates. Failure to do so may weaken your site significantly, undermining your initial SEO investment and reducing your rankings online.

It’s clear publishing a website and adding keywords and title tags is not enough to maintain an initial SEO investment. Fortunately, with the right strategic approach (and an experienced Google search marketing firm), you can defend your position over time and even improve your current rankings.

Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your SEO investment, including why it’s so important in the first place.

Why Maintain Your SEO Investment?

Just take a look at your competition, and you’ll see the importance of SEO in every touchpoint of your customer’s digital journey.

SEO is the bridge between an online question (like ‘best dog toy’) and a fitting answer (your brand). Leaning into best practices and performing regular updates allows you to tap into a marketplace of 8.5 billion searches per day.

But keywords, backlinks, and a crawlable homepage are just the beginning of your SEO journey. Search engines are constantly looking for the best websites to show to users, meaning active competitors with robust SEO maintenance programs may eventually rank above you.

Remember: as soon as Google finds a reason to stop indexing your page, it will — and it’ll move on to someone else. If you’re not performing monthly maintenance for keywords, links, and content, you may be missing out on huge SEO gains that help your brand rank higher.

There are six specific strategies that must be used if you want to maintain your website’s SEO investment.

Let’s start with the most impactful:

You can use the above strategies to maintain your SEO investment for years if not decades. However, it’s by no means a fast or short-term process — especially as your website grows. If you don’t feel comfortable managing SEO on your own or don’t have the resources to manage updates in-house, it would be wise to partner with a best rated search marketing firm to perform SEO maintenance on your behalf.

Autumn Consulting would be honored to assist your business with researching, establishing, and maintaining SEO. Our team performs total site audits to inform you of what’s working and what’s not, then moves into an implementation phase to re-establish your position online. We rely only on cutting-edge best practices sourced directly from published materials, and specialize in a process-driven approach to sustainably rank your site over time.

Get in touch with Autumn Consulting today to learn more about the solutions we use to serve our clients with WOW moments. Feel free to reach out directly at (813) 618-7554, or use the online contact form to connect with our team online.

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