A Google Search Marketing Firms’ Commitment to Hiring Our Heroes

At Autumn Consulting, we see our values as a framework for decision-making across all parts of the business. That decision-making framework helps guide us in our work, how we serve our clients, and the employees we hire. We turn to our values to guide us in what organizations to partner with, especially regarding recruiting. We first began working with Hiring Our Heroes through a chance meeting at a hiring event that our President, Nathan Misirian, attended. That chance meeting has led to the hiring of multiple talented individuals that are veterans and military spouses. From the start, Nathan recognized the value veterans and military spouses could bring to an organization. Our partnership with Hiring Our Heroes was a natural fit with our values as an organization.

Veterans And Their Spouses

Less than half a percent of Americans serve in the military every year. Approximately 190,000 of them plan to exit the service in 2023, many of them looking for work in the civilian world, and this doesn’t even account for the many military spouses in search of employment. Unfortunately, this process is neither simple nor straightforward — many of our heroes struggle to find meaningful positions after the military, and their spouses struggle to find work that can withstand the many changes in location with their active duty spouses.

Studies find that just one in four veterans have a job lined up after exiting their posts. Nearly half of all US veterans go unemployed for four months, many struggling to compete against civilians with traditional work histories. And as of 2022, the unemployment rate for military spouses across all branches of service is anywhere from four to six times the national average. This equates to 22 to 35 percent of military spouses experiencing unemployment. Unfortunately, these figures have been consistent for several years.

There are several other unique barriers to veteran employment:

  • 53% say it’s difficult or impossible to network with others in their chosen field
  • 49% say they don’t know how to translate their military skills into civilian job requirements
  • 41% say adjusting to the unique dynamics of organizational or business environments can be jarring while hunting for work

These numbers can seem daunting, which is why having an organization such as Hiring Our Heroes is so important. Hiring Our Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the military community and their families. Established in March 2011 by the US Chamber of Commerce, the goal is to connect the military community with meaningful employment opportunities in the civilian world. Veterans, spouses, and active-duty service members can tap into a wealth of resources for job fairs, upskilling, and networking events.


Autumn’s Values

Autumn Consulting believes in providing a brighter future for all service members and their spouses, including support and guidance as they search for new opportunities. Veterans and military spouses bring skills to an organization built on a career and life of honor and service with the ability to adapt to change and learn to thrive in all circumstances. At Autumn, we are committed to helping military community members pursue meaningful work in the next chapter of their journeys. We’ve proudly hired multiple veterans through HOH’s flagship program, each of whom is a large part of delivering WOW moments to our clients.Military service is a lifetime commitment, leaving a lasting lifetime impact on the individuals who serve. Autumn Consulting believes in providing the same commitment to our clients, customers, and employees. We’re honored to give back to the team that makes us who we are by offering:

Veterans and their spouses denied a place in the workforce affect all of us to some degree. And at Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm, our brave service members and their families deserve more opportunities to find a career they love. That’s one of the many reasons we partnered with Hiring Our Heroes to assist service members during their transition to private life and assist military spouses in finding meaningful employment, regardless of location. We are proud to be able to offer veterans and military spouses the opportunity to join our organization, learn from our team and contribute their own unique experiences.

We look forward to finding more ways to partner with organizations like Hiring Our Heroes to recruit the best talent available. If you’re a military veteran or military spouse interested in joining our best-rated digital marketing firm, don’t hesitate to contact us at (813) 618-7554 or wow@autumnconsult.com.

And from all of us at Autumn Consulting, thank you for your service.

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