Supporting Baltimore’s Most Vulnerable: A Beacon of Hope for Foster Families

Embedded within our foundation of principles is the value of ‘giving back to the community.’ Across our Autumn team, every member engages with local organizations that hold personal significance, fostering genuine impact through our Autumn Cares program. Guided by our dedicated staff, our care unit unites to channel our efforts and resources into meaningful monthly contributions and or volunteering for local organizations.  Most recently, our team member Rachel Bestall shared with us the work that she has been doing for an amazing organization.

For many of us, the thought of children suffering from abuse and neglect is heartbreaking and unimaginable. Yet, for approximately 2,700 vulnerable children in the Baltimore area, this distressing reality is a daily experience.

When a child is placed in foster care, it often signifies a tumultuous upheaval in their lives. In those initial moments, as they grapple with a mix of emotions – fear, anxiety, uncertainty – it’s paramount that they receive immediate support and care. This initial period, specifically the first 24 hours, can be the most trying for both the foster child and the foster family.

About Foster the Family

Foster the Family, recognizing this crucial period has undertaken a noble mission: to alleviate some of the pressure on foster families during this vulnerable transition. In an outstanding display of compassion, within mere hours of a new foster placement, the Foster the Family Baltimore team delivers practical necessities and a touch of comforting support right to a foster family’s doorstep.


These aren’t just any packages; they’re bundles of hope, packed with essentials: a meal for the entire family, encouraging notes, resource information, hygiene essentials, clothing for the young ones, and even comfort items like blankets or teddy bears. They’re also adept at catering to infants, ensuring that necessities such as diapers, formula, and wipes are provided.

Their wide-ranging influence spans across central Maryland, from the comforting communities of Mt Airy to the serene banks of Havre de Grace. They’re not just about tangible support. They provide spaces for foster dads to connect, respite nights, support groups, and an avenue to request necessary supplies. It’s a holistic approach, taking into consideration the entire ecosystem surrounding foster care.

But, like many organizations with a mammoth mission, Foster the Family Baltimore needs help.

Autumn Cares

This is where Autumn Consulting steps in, exemplifying the essence of community support. Recognizing that everyone has a role in supporting foster children, whether as a parent or not, a team member from Autumn Cares began volunteering, ensuring that these children had a safe haven during foster parent support group sessions or respite nights.

The commitment of Autumn Cares didn’t stop there. Beyond dedicating time, they donated financially to Foster the Family Baltimore. Their vision is clear: provide tangible support and invest time to spark change, igniting a beacon of hope for every child. Autumn hopes to be a testament to the fact that businesses can, and should, play a transformative role in the betterment of society.

A Snapshot of Year One

A snapshot of what Foster the Family Baltimore did in its first year (6/1/22 – 6/1/23):

We served the local Foster, Adoptive and Kinship families in our local area (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Howard counties and Baltimore City)!


Here is how we helped:

  • Packed and delivered over 100 care packages to children newly placed in foster homes and special deliveries to families facing crisis
  • Provided child care for 3 Support Groups and 1 Respite Night each month
  • Sorted and organized every aspect of our space to make taking inventory and finding the thousands of things that pass through our door in a year, possible
  • Gifted donations of clothes, blankets, bags, diapers, toiletries, toys, books, gift cards & money…and so much more
  • Decorated, setup, greeted, served and cleaned up at holiday brunches to honor the moms
  • Helped to make our first 5K a success
  • Cooked meals, baked cookies and provided bread/rolls/muffins so that we could feed our local families
  • Wrote welcome notes to the new families in our care
    And so much more!

Let us all remember, while individual efforts can create ripples, collective efforts can generate waves of change. To discover more about how Autumn Cares impacts local nonprofits, and potentially how you can be a part of this wave, don’t hesitate to reach out at Actions always speak louder than words. Let’s act together for a better tomorrow for these children!

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