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There is More Than One Way to Use Email Marketing in Chicago

That’s right. The best Chicago email marketing agencies know how to use email marketing for more than just getting the word out there. Whether in the Milwaukee or Chicago area, our b2b marketing clients agree: email marketing is a powerful tool for sharing key marketing messages with your clients and customer base. They’ll tell you that, no matter the industry – you have to use content marketing to share insights with your network in order to continue to feed the sales funnel.

What many b2b marketing businesses in Chicago don’t know, however, is that there is hidden potential in email marketing. There are insights you can use to inform your business growth that go beyond just readership and engagement.

Chicago Brand Consulting Tips from the Big Guys

Autumn delivers relevant, affordable, and purposeful brand consulting services to clients in the Chicago area. This year, we can’t help but direct our attention to some high profile big brand giants – we’ll take what we can learn and apply those observations to our own B2B marketing clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas.

What can we learn from B2B marketing giants today? Well, these B2B marketing brands are using relevant marketing tools that involve social media, web design, and significant brand development. All these reasons and more are enough to see how they evolve in 2015.

Chicago Web Design Agency: Edgerton

Autumn Consulting has been performing web marketing services for clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas for decades, but 2014 gave Autumn several opportunities to grow as a Chicago web design agency. As Part 2 of our four-part series on web design, we want you to know that working on your website doesn’t have to be a chore.

Beginning with extensive deliberation on how to re-brand this quickly expanding earthmoving company, Autumn worked with Edgerton this fall to bring their new look to life through a freshly designed website. During our collaboration, we identified ways to integrate their modern, earth-toned look into an attractive, informative, and user-friendly website.

See Your Sales Soar: Use Strategic B2B Marketing

Whether in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, strategic B2B marketing is defining and communicating what you do best. And it’s important to present it in a unique way for your customers and clients. As a B2B full service marketing firm, often times we act as a business or product interpreter. This means we listen to our customer describe what they’re trying to sell and we “interpret” the meaning into benefit statements.

When Autumn provides strategic B2B marketing to its Milwaukee and Chicago clients, sales increase. Here’s why:

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