Chicago Brand Consulting Tips from the Big Guys

Autumn delivers relevant, affordable, and purposeful brand consulting services to clients in the Chicago area. This year, we can’t help but direct our attention to some high profile big brand giants – we’ll take what we can learn and apply those observations to our own B2B marketing clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas.

What can we learn from B2B marketing giants today? Well, these B2B marketing brands are using relevant marketing tools that involve social media, web design, and significant brand development. All these reasons and more are enough to see how they evolve in 2015.


When we work with new brand consulting clients in the Chicago area, one of the biggest myths we have to debunk is that “B2B doesn’t do social media.” IBM stands as a testament that B2B marketing clients in Chicago can do social media, too. IBM was named as a Top Ten Content Marketing business on Linked In for 2014. They developed an engaging content marketing strategy for 2014, they’ve engaged their staff in their social media marketing – and it has resulted in a new era of IBM brand.

Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President (Marketing and Communications) one said, “We don’t try to manage the IBM brand. We try to manage our character as a business. And we’ve never defined IBM by what we’re selling.” Brand management is a futile effort because, as we’ve mentioned in the past, our Chicago B2B marketing audience is getting smarter. Consider a marketing message that truly represents the values and goals of your business.


Are you following GE on Instagram lately? If not – you should be. They’re goal in 2014 was to deliver inspiring images of the results of their work or “Always show big beautiful machines.” Even as a B2B company, GE mastered what it means to deliver inspiration to their audience, not just tech and manufacturing. For our B2B marketing clients in the Chicago area, we try to remind them to consider their business as being more than the product they sell and they can entice their audience to be real advocates of their brand.


These are three companies that have been around a while, but what is fascinating is how they have positioned and re-positioned their brand over the years to remain relevant to their audience. Boeing is one of those companies that “gets” brand consulting. One of their more recent – and lasting – campaigns was their “Build Something Better” campaign. The campaign is full of language that suggests that they want to improve culturally, that despite their long-standing in the industry, they value innovation.

Now, with the advent of their new, visually-centric website – they are capitalizing on innovation in a most inspiring way: What’s more inspiring than having a direct feed of updates on research and development at the click of a button? As a Chicago web design agency, Autumn can help develop content and programming to give you a vehicle to express the same to your audience.

Our team at Autumn has been working with B2B marketing clients in Chicago across a variety of B2B industries. We can deliver marketing insights that allow you to refine your marketing message and ensure your message is getting across in the most meaningful way. Whether designing a website, giving strategic insights, or managing a social media marketing campaign – let us know how we can help.


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