There is More Than One Way to Use Email Marketing in Chicago

That’s right. The best Chicago email marketing agencies know how to use email marketing for more than just getting the word out there. Whether in the Milwaukee or Chicago area, our b2b marketing clients agree: email marketing is a powerful tool for sharing key marketing messages with your clients and customer base. They’ll tell you that, no matter the industry – you have to use content marketing to share insights with your network in order to continue to feed the sales funnel.

What many b2b marketing businesses in Chicago don’t know, however, is that there is hidden potential in email marketing. There are insights you can use to inform your business growth that go beyond just readership and engagement. Here are some ideas:

Test a New Marketing Message

Changing a marketing message can be a daunting task for many small businesses, but if you use new marketing ideas on a smaller scale and test them out on your most engaged audience (those who sign up for your newsletter), your marketing team will be better informed to make that shift.

Autumn has worked with B2B marketing clients in the Chicago area to create a small series of new, innovative marketing messages. We could pair this with unique pages on your website, broadcast a message and a call-to-action… then, wait for the data to come in. Over time, you can see what message brought on more engagement from your readers.

What’s more, our Autumn team is available as a b2b full service marketing firm, so that means we are equipped to develop a marketing campaign as small or large-scale as you need, and on your terms.

Test a New Market or Target Group

Our Autumn team has also developed marketing campaigns designed to qualify prospects in new markets for our clients. If you’re growing from a local business to a regional business – or, if your network is already diverse, let us help you determine where and how your business should grow.

Our b2b marketing clients in Chicago have worked with Autumn to develop email marketing campaigns to measure the engagement of new potential customers. With our well-informed lead research, the email campaigns are designed to stir new contacts to find out how interested they might be in the products or services you offer.

Promote Referrals by Email

Just like any sort of advertising, word of mouth can be a powerful thing. Sometimes your best marketers are the people who make up your customer and professional network. For our clients in the Chicago area, email marketing is just one more channel to share your expertise with more people. You can use this email marketing to encourage your existing network to share on your behalf.

It just goes to show you, that when you partner with the B2B full service marketing firm like Autumn, you get both a marketing specialist and an advocate for your business success. We have been directing email marketing strategies for b2b marketing clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas for more than a decade. We can help navigate and interpret the data with you and apply that to actionable improvements to your marketing and sales teams.

Let us know how Autumn can help develop or improve your email marketing strategy.




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