If You’re Not Using These 5 Social Media Marketing Platforms in 2015, You Should Be

Over the last two years, B2B Marketing spending has sky-rocketed and it is because companies are seeing practical benefits of using these platforms in their professional industry. A growing network is a good network and, in this digital age, social media marketing is where it’s at for our clients in the Milwaukee area.

Pay attention, Milwaukee: in 2014, these platforms were deemed the fastest growing social media marketing platforms among B2B companies:

  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

B2B Marketing on Social Media

B2B companies are using social media to promote, share their content, lead industry discussions, and to advertise. At Autumn, our Milwaukee B2B marketing clients are finding their own ways to be in on the action – and at varying levels of investment.

  • Low-level Investment: create profiles, post SEO-rich content on a regular basis, lead discussions on LinkedIn, share culturally relevant moments on Pinterest or YouTube, etc.
  • Medium-level Investment: Start small, then develop more frequent content updates; publish specials, promote events and seminars, share video tutorials and demos, begin an industry insights blog (then, re-publish on social media platforms).
  • Higher-level Investment: Incorporate graphic design and additional video content marketing; increase your advertising with Autumn Consulting, Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing Consulting, Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing budget and put it on Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure your content is reaching your most relevant leads.

How To Know What Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs

We’ve developed marketing strategies that fit the needs of small, b2b marketing companies for over a decade. We can work with companies in the Milwaukee or Chicago area to develop a social media marketing strategy, provide training for, and execute the use of various social media platforms. Talk to us and we’ll determine what level of investment works for your marketing potential and your business goals.

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