Think Pinterest Can't Work for Your Business? Think Again.

In a recent Autumn Consulting blog post, we discussed ways businesses can benefit from being on Pinterest. Pinterest is becoming a hugely successful web marketing tool for businesses to connect with customers, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness. However, it’s difficult for some businesses to take advantage of Pinterest’s strengths if they have a business that is less “visually stimulating” than others. 

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted two less-than-visually-stimulating companies who are finding strategic and effective ways to engage customers on Pinterest. Virgin America and British Airways, both successful airlines, knew that pictures of flight equipment and planes probably wouldn’t stir up a lot of interest within the Pinterest community. (Flight equipment is far from making it onto Pinterest’s top ten areas of interest) However, both airlines now have a strong presence on Pinterest due to their strategic decision to pin, and encourage users to pin, photographs of destinations around the world where they fly.  

People want to talk (pin) about their interests and seem to be more receptive to brands that pin more than just their own products. Whole Foods, for example, along with pinning their products, also pins images of health, organic lifestyles, and gardening tips. 

Businesses with an effective Pinterest strategy are already starting to see results in their website traffic with users clicking on Pinterest pins that link back to their website. Pinterest, now, also can integrate with Facebook, letting users on Pinterest share their activity with their friends and family, which greatly expands the audience for a business’ marketing messages.

Ready to add Pinterest to your business’ web marketing strategy? Autumn’s Consulting’s team of social media experts can help create a web marketing strategy that’s effective and right for your business. Contact us to get started!

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