Good Sense: How a Social Media Marketing Strategy Can Boost PR Success

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about social media and how it’s here to save the day for companies, businesses and organizations across the globe.

But the truth is not having a grounded eMarketing strategy  in place to guide this tool is like buying a Lamborghini and never putting gas in the tank. A fantastic outer shell can’t mask an empty or incomplete inside. Begin by considering the benefits that a social media strategy can have on boosting PR:

•    Using social media means creating more visibility for your company and brand. This helps in engaging with customers

•    A social media strategy also helps you expand brand visibility. Even if it from a single user perspective, that one user can share your website link with their community, helping you better qualify prospects

•    Writing for different social media mediums means condensing content down so that you can better clarify messages and connect more effectively with users

To illustrate the success that a social media marketing strategy can have on PR and sales, consider the recent success of our client, Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin.

Our team recently installed social media icons throughout their website, leading to an overnight response. Within 24 hours of posting a page link, 16 people had already shared the link with friends on Facebook. Since the average person has about 130 Facebook friends, imagine the ripple effect this can have on website traffic.

“We’ve expanded our Facebook footprint and gotten savvier in how we’ll use these tools,” says Avi Stern, Goodwill NCW’s Online Publisher. He went on to say, “With Autumn’s assistance, we launched a new format that was much more user-friendly with the use of social media and marketing.”

Even local news outlets are crediting Goodwill NCW for its “good work” on sound marketing and PR strategies.In his marketing review, columnist Dave Willems had this to say, “In the “living-your-brand-every-day” category, Bob Pedersen, Karen Laws and the rest of the brain trust at Goodwill simply get it. This fact is not just good for them, but it’s proven to be good for our communities throughout this region, too.”

Stern adds, “It’s opened up a new avenue of conversation and expanded the spectrum through which we can manage our relationships. But it’s also helped us deepen it; meaning now if we’re handing out a donation bag on your doorstep, we can add a plug for our Facebook or website page.”

If you’re looking to grow your business or organization through a social media marketing campaign, and get noticed, our Autumn Consulting team of marketing, journalism, communication, design and programming experts are ready to help you get started.

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