Using eNewsletters to Grow Your Business

“Communicate with your potential customers! Interact!” Marketing wisdom…but how do you do that? eNewsletters are one tool that Autumn Consulting uses to help its clients to discover new, qualified prospects which can generate exciting business opportunities. Instead of just casting text into cyber land (as many low-cost email plans do), Autumn uses a 4 step process to identify recipients, custom design the look & feel, develop content, and report results. Oilgear, a globally recognized manufacturer of fluid power solutions, recently sent out its first eNewsletter through Autumn Consulting. We’ll use their experience to illustrate the process.

Researching Leads
Autumn worked in collaboration with Oilgear’s team to understand and research the various markets they determined to hold the best sales opportunities. Hours of dedicated research went into targeting and finding these individuals prospects, which were then presented to the Oilgear team for approval. We added these prospects to Oilgear’s internal database of customers, distributors and the sales team’s existing lists of prospects and sent out the eNewsletter to a combined mailing list.

Custom Design
We work with our clients to create a custom eNewsletter look & feel for their business. For Oilgear’s eNewsletter, our graphic designer used Oilgear’s colors and imaging to create a newsletter that played up the strengths of the brand. We then arranged the content in a way that was visually appealing and linked to the content’s full stories on the, driving traffic to the website.

Developing Content
Autumn’s role is to guide content choice and provide writing support to ensure that the content is clear and engaging for readers. The content provided to readers reinforces the brand’s direction as a market leader and innovator. Oilgear and Autumn worked together to create a draft that included industry insights and a unique application of Oilgear products that was reviewed by a professional copywriter before a final approval by Oilgear.

Oilgear was able to measure the success of their eNewsletter through Autumn’s custom eNewsletter report. The Autumn team can track and report on the number of “reads” and “click-throughs” to help evaluate how well a newsletter was received and how engaged the target audience was. This not only allows Oilgear to adjust it’s content based on recipient reaction, but also to take note of contacts who show the most interest in their eNewsletters.

If you are interested in expanding your business through email marketing and in using eNewsletters to stay in front of your customers each month with fresh content. Contact Autumn Consulting today to learn about the various ways we can help you grow your business!

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