Web Marketing Strategy: Posting Strong Content – Part 2

Your web content strategy is a major influence in the audience you reach. A strong and engaging writing style will captivate prospects as well as influence how well Google works for your business. Knowing the right type of content that will help grow your business is key. In part 1, some of the ways to adjust your content in order to help your business turn up higher in Google searches while also engaging your audience were discussed. Here, we’ll discuss the final 4 ways you can use content to help strengthen your business’ web strategy.

  1. Reviews. These can be a great way to get your name out there. If your business produces tangible products, accept customer reviews through your social media pages and website. Post evaluations on your website and use them as an opportunity to address questions or feedback. If you are a service-based company, write reviews for popular products that are applicable in your field. For example, if your company is a consulting firm, post a review of a book written by a popular author in your specific field of work.
  2. Contests. Holding a contest for your customers is a great way to engage your audience as well as get ahead with Google results. Utilize your various social media accounts to spread the news. Make the content exciting – something that people would want to be involved in and share with their friends and families. Google especially responds to contests that involve people and get them responding online through sharing and posting about the event. Design the contest so that in order to win, people need to produce and upload content onto the web. Have people vote online for their favorites and choose the winner that way. Google will notice the activity surrounding your event and your audience will be have fun being involved.
  3. News. Have the inside scoop on something going on in your industry? If your company is the first to report something, Google may reward you with the number 1 ranking for the story. Stay up-to-date on things happening in your field and make sure to let your audience know what’s going on.
  4. Updates. Data adjusts and technology changes. Chances are, the content you posted in the past few years can be updated. Take a look at your older web content and blog posts and check if the information is still valid or if it needs to be brought up to date. It’s a quick way to produce fresh content, something your audience and Google will love.

Creatively planning your web content has major advantages. It is the type of content that your audience will want to read and share. But it is also something Google is looking for, which, in turn, helps reach even more qualified prospects. If you’re interested in learning more about posting strong web content, Contact us today to learn more about Autumn Consulting and Nathan Misirian.

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