Who Cares What You're Selling?

How do you capture the attention of your target audience? Every business faces the challenge of defining themselves in such as way as to stand apart from their competition.

The answer is simple: have a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes your company different? Why should a prospective client choose you? THAT is your USP. Successful businesses craft their USP to show how they solve customer problems and make the lives of their clients easier. Defining your USP comes first. Utilizing specific marketing strategies, such as social media or search engine optimization, to help your target audience see your USP comes second.

Here are three methods you could use to discover your USP:

1. Think about your company’s “personality” and expand on the things that make you stand out. If this is difficult, think about your company as a person. How would you describe it? What about these characteristics makes your prospects and customers want to do business with you?

2. Start with your target prospects and think about what services or products would make their lives easier. What problems do your products/services solve? List them all out so you can see how you improve the lives/products of your customers.

3. Identify how your solutions are better than those of your competitors. List the points of differentiation and highlight the benefits that your business brings to your customers.

So, how do you implement your company’s Unique Selling Proposition? Internally, you could

  • Create a tagline
  • Utilize visual that align with your message
  • Update your company overview

Use your USP to concisely articulate something that immediately resonates with the pain your audience is feeling and explains how you can solve it.

Whether your business is small, a start-up, or a 3-generation family run company, Autumn Consulting can help you sharpen your message to engage your customers and attract prospective clients. Contact us today and our qualified team will help you personalize your marketing messages to help your business grow.

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