Why Browser Compatibility Matters for eMarketing

A recent Wall Street Journal article about the rising popularity of the web browser Google Chrome presented the idea that consumers are recognizing and preferring certain web browsers over others.


How does this affect you as a business executive? A company’s web materials may appear correctly to the consumer in one browser, but may be incompatible with another browser and appear skewed, or not show up at all.


Your website should be compatible with Google Chrome because:

  • After entering the web browser market in only 2008, Google Chrome has risen to the No.2 web browser, behind Internet Explorer
  • People have discovered there is a difference in web browsers

The rising popularity in tablets and smartphones also requires companies to consider that consumers may view their websites on mobile devices in addition to or in place of viewing on standard web browsers.


Ready to take the next step in browser compatibility? Autumn Consulting can help. Our web marketing services include support for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, even mobile devices and tablets.  Our team will make sure that your marketing messages are visible to prospects on all browsers and platforms.


Make your company’s web materials available and accessible to all of your prospects with Autumn Consulting.

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