Why Doesn’t My Business Appear in Google?

It’s a fact that billions of searches are performed in google.com every day. If there are any skeptics of search engine optimization in Milwaukee and Chicago out there, just check out this running counter snapshot showing how essential Google is to people searching for answers. In the U.S. nearly 75% of all searches go through Google.

Source: http://www.internetlivestats.com/google-search-statistics/

So, it’s quite common for Milwaukee and Chicago B2B marketing business owners to contact Autumn Consulting and ask “why doesn’t my business appear in Google?” While it may be possible that your web site is not appearing in Google, eventually Google will find and index your site. The more significant question is “Why doesn’t my web site appear on page 1 or 2 of Google?”

Search Engine Optimization Answers Found Here:

Based on Autumn’s research with the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and over 14 years consulting on Milwaukee and Chicago B2B marketing, the following are the interconnected answers to “why doesn’t’ my web site appear on page 1 or 2 of Google?”

  • Lack of Focus. Most business web sites use their web site to sell or promote a range of products or services. However, Google increases search position based on specific, narrowly focused words. This means businesses need to select word phrases that either appeal to the widest audience or lead to high profit margin sales.
  • Generic Word Choices. Businesses facing search engine optimization challenges tend to use general words that describe their business. For example, “we sell water heaters”. However, Google evaluates this generic word choice and doesn’t know if the “water heater” is for home, industrial or commercial use. Consider using the phrase, “we sell residential and home water heaters.”
  • Old Content. Google’s spiders constantly index web sites looking for fresh and up to date information. When you forget or randomly update your web site, Google decreases your search position. Alternatively, monthly updates with unique time/date stamps help demonstrate to Google that your web site is fresh and current. Just like a newspaper or magazine, Google doesn’t want to promote “stale” or “old content” to its readers.

Autumn Consulting loves helping companies discover their unique answer to the search engine optimization dilemma. Our team can assess and put an action-oriented plan together. Most clients see significant and measurable results within 6-9 months. Let’s start a conversation about how to increase your site’s visibility to the billions of searches being done every day on google.com


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