Is There More to LinkedIn That You're Not Using?

LinkedIn is one of the most impactful tools in the field of Chicago b2b marketing and there are numerous ways to utilize it – both in your personal career and in your business. When we discuss social media marketing strategy with our clients, the first tool they consider is LinkedIn – the professional networking social media platform. Our clients often ask us, “How can I fully utilize this tool for my business?”

Here is the baseline of what we would encourage every Chicago B2B marketing client to do to begin on LinkedIn:

  • Have a fully-formed, brand-identifying LinkedIn profile
  • Encourage your staff to engage and grow the company network
  • Perform regular analysis of your network (know your audience!)

In order to see results that you’ll be happiest with, ensure you’re taking advantage of the marketing available on LinkedIn, with these 5 essential social media marketing tips:

1. Engage with Your Audience

A defined brand that you can share with your Chicago B2B Marketing network will surely stand your business apart from the competition. LinkedIn posts and profile updates allow you more room to share your marketing message across a larger network, enabling your business to increase in audience retention and sales.

2. Publish and Re-Publish

The 4-1-1 Rule is a popular Chicago social media marketing rule that says: for every SINGLE, self-generated tweet or post you publish, you should re-publish ONE relevant post. Then, comment, share, or ‘like’ FOUR posts of another author’s content. This creates a community of sorts and allows for the recirculation of content throughout the platform.

3. Have a Developed, Branded LinkedIn Page

Optimize your company profile page in order to take advantage of another platform to share your brand message AND attract the right kind of Chicago B2B marketing network (customers, colleagues, AND future hires). Don’t forget to make this profile aligned with your company marketing message and ensure it is SEO keyword-rich.

4. Cultivate Leads by Developing your Network

Engaging with colleagues, cultivating a larger multi-approach following and integrating follower widgets on websites for your page can have a lasting impact on the efficiency of your marketing strategies.

As with any Chicago-based social media marketing platform, strategy must come first. Contact Autumn today to discuss how your business can better leverage LinkedIn for your future growth.

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