Why Interactive Marketing is Engaging Customers

Remember back in school when you were handed a thick textbook and told to read from it to get the information needed for class? It wasn’t always the most fun then, so why are we expecting customers to enjoy it now, especially in a world leaning towards quicker and faster information. Customers are always looking for ways to connect and learn more, but your content needs have more than just words. Adding engaging elements to your content means that you will provide these customers something to connect with and so they will be more likely to share your content than a less engaging competitor’s content. Here are 3 reasons why engaging content engages customers:

  1. Customers value education. Like mentioned above customers usually love learning, but are not looking forward to reading textbook like information to get it. Providing something interactive could allow customers who view your content a quick way to see how you can provide them value. Instead of constant branding, why not a video showing how much time you could save your customer? Working with money, how about some sort of calculator to show one how much money you could save them
  2. Visual content is more like to be shared. Content with pictures or videos is much more likely to attract customers to the content. When quickly browsing through different content, creating some aesthetics in the content would lead a higher drawing the customers’ eye and them engaging with the content.
  3. It allows you to receive feedback. Would it not be great to know what your customers are really interested in and what they are not interested in, in a moments notice? Well there are many apps out there that you can attach to your content such as “Feedbackify” and “Uservoice” that are great for collecting feedback. Take advantage of apps like this that can provide you with information at your hands instantly on what it is that your customers are really interested in.

Let’s start engaging people together!

Through Autumn Consulting’s collaborative style, we help our B2B clients increase their qualified prospects by zeroing in on the “right” marketing messages. These marketing messages directly support the sales force and increases their effectiveness. Let’s get started on a conversation for your business. Call Nathan Misirian at (262) 323-1776 or email him directly at nathan@autumnconsult.com.

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