How to kill an internet marketing program

Company leaders in Chicago and Milwaukee rarely arrive at work and intentionally try to kill an internet or web marketing program. However, over the last 20 years of working with large and small businesses, I’ve observed three ways companies kill internet marketing programs.

  1. Skeptical or apathetic leaders. While educating senior leaders on internet marketing strategy and tactics are vital for success, a skeptical or apathetic leader will kill an internet marketing program. Their lack of commitment and support makes both the staff and outside marketing agencies feel “on edge” and quickly drains the energy and success of a B2B marketing program.
  2. Large or unclear needs. Companies start an Ecommerce project, internet rebranding or search marketing program because they’re trying to solve a problem. However, when the need is so large or generic, the associated web marketing program is destined to fail. Companies need to be certain to define their needs with specifics. Here are two examples that are well defined:- we need to grow sales by 10%, for product A in the Northwest territory during the following 12 months or- we need to increase our search ranking on Google to supersede these three competitors based on four keyword phrases
  3. Micromanagement. When a firm in Milwaukee or Chicago hires a marketing agency like Autumn Consulting to develop and implement a marketing program, micromanagement kills the success of a web marketing program by applying the constricting “ways of doing business” on the internet marketing program. The benefit of hiring an outside agency is to bring in fresh ideas and challenge the status quo of doing business better and more effectively online. However, when the hiring firm dictates each action, the project fails due to too many constraints.

Resolve this year to allow your web marketing programs to grow. If you’re ready to move beyond the status quo and see genuine business growth, bring committed leadership, specific needs, and a creative exchange of ideas, and you’ll experience success.

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