3 Ways to Leverage Social Media PR for Marketing Success

Public relations (PR) 101 is the process of communicating information about a company to its public. Marketers use public relations to help build the company’s image and brand.

While PR has traditionally been used by companies through mediums like magazine articles, press releases, trade press news and newspaper articles, marketers are finding innovative and improved avenues for its use.

Namely, social media. This powerful tool is being utilized by both marketers and business leaders as an effective way to boost PR.

With the growing and pervasive use of social media, our Autumn Consulting team models the benefits of blogging, tweeting and networking (to name a few) while also encouraging our clients to try a tailored s.m. tool to build and shape their brand and image.

To put it another way, think of social media as an enhancement to traditional PR tasks, but with these additional benefits:

1.    Increasing name recognition among prospects
2.    Developing brand personality
3.    Growing relevancy of subject matters

Increasing Name Recognition

Two benefits unique to Social Media PR are listening and responding in real-time, as well as providing timely and public information more quickly than with traditional PR. The faster and more often a person can hear about or interact with your brand, the better.

Developing Brand Personality

Brand recognition in a B2B environment is important when answering questions to a key subject area like: data security, IT infrastructure, financial management, product safety or legal compliance.

Growing Relevancy

Who would you rather trust if you had to make a life or death decision? A brand that’s well-established as an expert or a no-name entity? And in business, much of sales is a direct result of building brand recognition, reputation and stability. People want to follow the leader—now give them a good reason.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing. Not tuned in? Raise the bar for your PR efforts by incorporating social media marketing and get ready to experience increasing engagement with your customers, distinguishing yourself from your competitors and establishing your brand as an expert in your field creates an extension of your marketing activities and success.

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