Apple's New Siri Ads: Effective & Relevant

Apple has a new Siri campaign and according to a recent Ad Age article, consumers are loving them. Ace Metrix, a company that measures ad-effectiveness, feels that these Siri campaign ads are actually rejuvinating the Apple brand. For those who may not know, Siri is the newest application to the Apple iPhone operating system. iPhone users interact with Siri through a natural language user interface and Siri responds by performing desired tasks and answering user’s inquiries.

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When these ads first started airing, some critics thought that they were “horribly out of touch with modern consumer culture” and were a “rare mistep” for Apple. However, the massive positive response they’ve received from consumers has put those critics comments to rest.

The ads performed well in particular with younger women, a demographic that was not reacting strongly to Apple’s more feature-focused ads which aired earlier in the year. According to Ace Metrix, the two Siri ads were the most-effective ads to premiere in the week of April 20th. The ads were also the second and third most effective mobile phone commercials of 2012.

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These successful ads continue to engage consumers and bring awareness to the Apple’s new style of campaigning.

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