Listening: The Key to Great Marketing and Relationships

As a business owner, your passion is running your business. Yet, most owners call upon an IT company or technician to assist them with making “basic” website or web-related changes.

Unfortunately, what should be a quick and easy experience, often turns into an extended, frustrating and sometimes costly endeavor. If you’ve ever tried to update your website, change your domain name or add a new feature to your website, you’ve likely run into a tech-oriented, acronym-slanted conversation with an IT specialist who leaves you more confused. Do any of these questions ring a bell:

•    What’s your domain authorization code?
•    In what programming language is your website written?
•    What’s the FTP path password to your website?

1. Relationships Make the Difference

Our Autumn Consulting team believes that talking, listening and understanding our clients is key to our continued communication and success. Unlike other integrated marketing companies, we ‘get’ that you’re very busy and appreciate our ability to break down the facts. We strive to serve our clients with tailored service by:

•    Owning responsibility. Give us the task, we’ll get it done.
•    Interpreting the complicated details. We find out the correct answer and get it to you.
•    Saving you time. We love buying you time by getting the job right the first time.

We believe in working with our clients differently. We approach all of our clients from the standpoint of a relationship. As with any great relationship, it involves listening, understanding the other person and relating to them at their level.

2. Great Relationships: Responsive. Caring. Accountable.

Here’s an example of how we fostered a great relationship through website hosting:

A recent client needed to change the company’s website domain name. This required that he communicate with someone using language unfamiliar to him, taking an exorbitant amount for time and delaying his travel schedule. And after two days and 6 hrs of teleconferencing with no results, we worked out a creative plan that was cost-effective and quick. Unlike some IT companies, Autumn Consulting doesn’t make clients jump through hoops to get results. We make it happen. Our genuine care and focus in this situation provided the right answer to our client and we implemented the solution within one hour. When it comes to hosting your company’s website, nothing matters more than security and care. Not money. Not gimmicks. The best-quality protection we provide is a no-interruption service that a safe hosting environment offers.

So whether its website hosting, search engine marketing, social media marketing or any other topic, our philosophy remains the same. The way we engage with you is always genuine and professional. This is why we’re blessed with many long-term relationships. Contact us today to see how we can help clarify messages and get your eMarketing IT challenges solved.

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