Autumn Consulting’s Unique Strategy for Paid Ads

Have you run Google Ads but don’t know if it’s set up or working correctly?

At Autumn Consulting, a best-rated Google search marketing firm in Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte, we partner with our clients to develop customized, unique strategies for their Google Ads for B2B that will be set up by experts and target your ideal prospect.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are a text-based form of marketing that businesses can use to advertise their service or business on Google’s network. They’re also known as pay-per-click advertisements.

Because these are a paid strategy, these ads are not organic search marketing. However, in tandem, the two can significantly increase your brand campaign’s reach.

How Can Autumn Consulting Help with Pay-Per-Click Ads?

By interviewing our clients, we unpack their unique business needs and use this information to develop a prospect-centric, solution-oriented strategy. For clients also working with Autumn Consulting for an organic search marketing strategy, we pair the learnings from our PPC ad research with the already-conducted Organic SEO keyword research to ensure we’re reaching your prospective customers across multiple channels.

We always advise clients to follow these four integral steps to a successful campaign:

  1. Create campaigns dedicated to each of your main services, with unique daily budgets.
  2. Establish strong geographic targets, one for each campaign.
  3. Leverage Voice of Customer research to improve your digital marketing
  4. Use unique headlines, but beware of industry jargon.


Autumn Consulting’s one-of-a-kind process is designed to properly construct and set up your Ad Words campaign to produce a positive ROI and drive significant new business for your brand.

Ready to leverage pay-per-click ads to improve your company’s reach? Contact Autumn Consulting today, for the best-rated search marketing in Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte.

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