Understanding Digital Tools and the Key Elements to Measure Using Google Analytics

At Autumn Consulting, a best rated search marketing firm, we teach our clients to use Google’s tools to improve their organic search marketing and, in time, search results rankings. One of these tools is Google Analytics, which can help you understand how your site is being used and based on that, if it is set up effectively.



The Acquisition section shows how you acquired the traffic of your site. It provides a breakdown by channel of how visitors are arriving at your site. Generally speaking, a good goal is to have approximately 50% of your traffic be organic traffic. By establishing a google search marketing strategy through things like blogging, you can increase organic traffic to your site through organic SEO.

Acquisition will also detail what amount of your site visitors are on your site via desktop or mobile. Bear in mind, Google prioritizes a mobile-first web design within search results.


The Audience section provides detailed information about your website visitors. Use this section to understand how many unique visitors are visiting your website, how much time they are spending on it, and how many pages they look at during their session.

Depending on your business, using the geographic data provided by Google could also be very informative. This data will be key to improving your usage of google search marketing tools, such as Google My Business. This is particularly useful for businesses with that provide an in-person service or have a storefront.


The Behavior section is particularly interesting, as it shows you how visitors are interacting with your site. The information provided here can be key in understanding the customer’s journey or even where their journey ends — this is known as the exit page.


Partner the data from Google Analytics with Google Search Console and other Google-provided tools to truly understand your prospects, where you might be losing customers, and how customers are finding you.

Are you ready to gain a better understanding of Google Analytics? Reach out to Autumn Consulting, a best rated search marketing firm, today.

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