Bold B2B Marketing Design for Clients in Milwaukee and Chicago

Our B2B marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago areas often rate a new website as a pretty daunting task… until we come along! Lake Edge Logistics approached Autumn this fall and our team wasted no time in putting our experience into practice once again.

The Autumn team takes a creative collaboration like this very seriously; we strive to achieve clarity, performance, and results in every project. This allows your company to get the most out of your B2B marketing dollars. Plus, it gives Autumn a chance to put our creative minds to work.


The purpose of your website, the business goals of your company, and the brand image of your company (not to mention the budget!) will dictate the features, function, and look-and-feel of your website. We used our collaboration with Lake Edge as a way to interpret what they wanted into brand and marketing design.


Our team is comprised of experienced and talented design, programming, and content professionals who can help articulate your message in the most effective way.


We are committed to quality in our work and want to ensure that your investment is a true reflection of your business goals.

The websites we build aren’t just websites that “look pretty” – they are designed with your needs in mind and can always be customized for proper search engine optimization, social media marketing, portfolio publishing, ecommerce, and more.

Don’t let your website be a bad first impression for your customers. For B2B full service marketing firm insights and custom website solutions, call Nathan Misirian at (262) 323-1776. You can drop him an email at or learn more about our marketing process by visiting How We Do It.

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