B2B Marketing Clients in Milwaukee and Chicago Boost SEO with Monthly Updates

Stagnant websites lose out when it comes to impressing Google. The search giant gives preference to sites with a consistent stream of fresh material that prevents the content from becoming outdated. That is why we help our B2B marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago prepare fresh content on a regular basis. 

What qualifies as fresh content? You can take many approaches to boost your search engine optimization, but content should be fresh for Google AND fresh for your readers. To achieve optimal B2B marketing in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, it is sufficient to add paragraphs to your existing copy once a month, or to rotate content on the homepage on a regular basis. Some B2B companies plan on refreshing their marketing language completely, but most can only afford to do that every few years. Of course, you can add brand-new pages, pictures, and video content, too.

No matter what the need, Autumn Consulting recommends that you update your website content on a monthly basis.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

  • Start a YouTube Campaign. Pick your three most important marketing messages and create brief videos around them. Make the videos available via YouTube and also embed them on dedicated new webpages as well.
  • Do a Competitor Analysis. Do a Google search around your most crucial keywords and analyze the top three web results. What kind of content and language do they offer? Find out what works in your field and write your new marketing language around it.
  • Take New Pictures. Be creative and update your key pages with fresh and engaging pictures. Think about adding a human aspect to pictures even if the content focuses on equipment.

Autumn Consulting is a B2B marketing firm providing social media, web marketing and full-service marketing in Milwaukee, Chicago and nationwide.

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