Building Real Value For Valerie’s House


Valerie’s House in Charlotte County is not your average charity. Take a look inside this brightly colored building, and you’ll see beautifully decorated living spaces, a gently tended garden, and shelf upon shelf of smiling stuffed animals.

You might feel tempted to take a nap or settle back to enjoy the scenery. In fact, you’d be in good company — hundreds of children from all over the county visit Valerie’s House to do just that.

But a child’s visit to Valerie’s House is more than recreational. For many, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the past, find comfort and healing, and grieve in the presence of others.


More than one in eight Floridians will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the time they turn 25. In Charlotte County alone, there are more than 4,000 grieving children walking through the loss of a loved one alone.

This is exactly what Valerie’s House sets out to accomplish: to help children and their families work through loss together. Charity director Christine Carey believes no child should ever grieve alone and has spent years turning the property’s grounds into a safe and comfortable place for crafting, cooking, and fellowship.

But Valerie’s House can’t do it all alone — especially when it comes to meeting emergent needs.

In October 2022, Valerie’s House leadership discovered a major need for grief books, which are purchased separately for every child and customized to their ages and needs. They also required post-storm support for families in the wake of Hurricane Ian, many of whom had also lost a loved one in the resulting devastation.

This need did not go unnoticed. The team at Autumn Cares was quick to respond to the charity’s call, meeting with the director in person to learn more about their circumstances. It became apparent that Autumn Consulting could do some real good for the organization, which prompted a serious discussion about what could be done to help.

For the unfamiliar, Autumn Cares is a unique give-back program designed to nourish local communities with grassroots-level support. Established by Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm, in 2021. The program is designed to pour out time, treasure, and talent for the most vulnerable citizens of our community — including grieving children and their families.


In October, Autumn Cares made a $1,000 donation to support Valerie’s House with their most tangible needs: grief books, restoration supplies, and stuffed animals for children under their care. The goal was to provide practical support to the people of Charlotte County and meet grieving families right where they’re at, all with the hope of a brighter future for every last child.

The team at Autumn Consulting believes that actions speak louder than words. We refuse to talk without the walk and dedicate a portion of our time and effort to nonprofits that make a difference — including vital charities like Valerie’s House.

Are you curious to learn more about how Autumn Cares impacts local nonprofits? Contact us online to find out more!

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