Email Marketing Milwaukee: Just as Important as SEO

As experienced web marketers, the Autumn team knows that a successful web marketing campaign does not depend on Google alone.

A recent Wall Street Journal article spells out the importance of email marketing. Small businesses who have lost some traffic due to Google’s changes in its algorithm last February, are realizing how much email marketing can do to ensure positive web marketing results.

Autumn Consulting offers a unique email marketing Milwaukee program with personalized emails and individual tracking of actual content responses by prospects and customers. The benefit to Autumn’s approach is that our HTML-powered email campaigns are specifically designed to help boost search engine marketing Milwaukee results, achieving two web marketing objectives at once.

Here are some helpful tips for a successful email marketing campaign:

•   Work on engaging customers by writing content that goes beyond self-promotion and sales pitches. People will be more receptive to your offers if you give them an informational or inspirational take-away in return. They will also be more likely to open your email the next time around.

•   Ask readers to interact with your website in order to boost your search results. You can link them to a questionnaire or a site that lets them evaluate your products/services.

•   Start clarifying marketing messages by using a unique and detailed writing style that helps readers distinguish your products/services from others.

•   Qualifying prospects occurs when you encourage interaction between your customers and your team.

Ask Autumn Consulting about our unique email marketing program aimed at helping Milwaukee businesses and organizations. We can help you achieve real results through web marketing that doesn’t require to pay Google for placement.

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