Milwaukee Web Marketing Analytics: Questions Answered

Autumn Consulting provides a vast variety of services for web marketing clients in the Milwaukee area. Web analytics is an often-overlooked marketing tool, but it is not for lack of valuable insights it can bring a small company. Knowing the traffic trends to your website can help a business owner know the season and timing of his sales cycles. It can inform other marketing practices (such as where to advertise online) and can help a company decide when and where to expand to a new market.

We want to shine some light on the service for those of you who are considering expanding your web marketing insights in 2015.  

Q. What is web analytics?

Web analytics is one of many web marketing tools we use for clients in Milwaukee. Using tools to monitor the website automatically, we are able to track visitors to your website, where they visit the site from, how long they are there, etc.

Q. How can web analytics help me understand my customers better?

When we track the traffic of your website, we can gather and track statistics for:

  • Geographical location of your visitors
  • What time of day, day of week, week of month, or month of year visitors commonly visit
  • What pages they spend their time visiting (i.e. what content they deem most valuable)

Q. What can I use web marketing analytics data for?

The data gathered and monitored from your website can be used to inform the timing and subject matter for advertising, social media marketing campaigns, or for adding additional content to the website. Knowing more about who is visiting, why they are visiting, and how they’ve come to visit the website can also explain what the needs are of your customer. This may inform your decisions about other marketing investments, such as Google Adwords or endorsements on other industry websites.

You may also use web analytics to validate the success of other marketing campaigns. If, for example, you release and email marketing newsletter with links back to your website, you can use data from web analytics to measure the level of engagement of your email marketing readers.

Q. How does web analytics translate to sales?

Web traffic means people are interacting with your brand. While tracking this data doesn’t automatically translate to sales, it will help you make more informed decisions about ensuring leads make it from being aware of your products to the final purchasing decision.

Q. Do I need a website built before I use Web Analytics?

A. Yes. Incidentally, Autumn Consulting can web marketing clients with that, too. We have extensive experience with clarifying our clients’ needs, and turning around a website pretty quickly.

Q. How can I get started?

A. For those of you who might be new to the web marketing process, there is a bit of a learning curve. Luckily, Autumn Consulting has been delivering web marketing services and insight to businesses in Milwaukee for several years. We can help interpret the data into actionable tasks that will help your business grow. Contact Autumn today to develop a custom marketing solution for your company.

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